Dear Friend:

I need many people to pray for this ministry on a regular basis. However, we need to meet certain conditions before the Lord will respond properly.

  1. We must be "Born Again" by trusting Jesus Christ "alone" as Savior. Your first prayer should be for salvation if you aren't born again. You should "sincerely" pray: LORD, I CONFESS THAT I HAVE SINNED, I BELIEVE THAT YOU DIED FOR MY SINS AND ROSE AGAIN. SAVE ME NOW FROM THE PENALTY FOR MY SINS. I TRUST YOU ALONE AS MY SAVIOR. I PRAY THIS IN JESUS NAME, AMEN. Contact me if you prayed this.
  2. After the new birth, we need to confess our sins to the Lord in order to be in fellowship with Him.
  3. Then we should pray with thanksgiving and trust the Lord to answer according to His will.

Please make sure that you meet the above conditions and pray RIGHT NOW for this ministry BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING ELSE.

Please pray everyday for the following:

  1. Jesus Christ will always be exalted and glorified.
  2. The Lord will give me new ways to reach people.
  3. Satan will never influence me or this ministry.
  4. The Lord Will give me the proper messages for preaching, newsletters, etc.
  5. The vision, plan and goals will increase according to His will.
  6. The right people will be reached through the many outreaches.
  7. Many pastors will let this ministry help their churches.
  8. The Holy Spirit will convict the lost to trust Jesus Christ "alone" as Savior.
  9. The Holy Spirit will convict backsliden Christians to rededicate themselves and that they will reach others.
  10. That this ministry is in the Lords perfect plan and will.
  11. The Lord will show what should be added or taken away.
  12. Many more people will also pray for this ministry.
  13. The Lord will supply the needs in a special way to those who contribute.
  14. Many more people, churches and groups will send financial support.
  15. This Ministry will last many more years if the rapture doesn't occur first.
  16. This Ministry will expand according to the Lord's will
    1. Please let me know if you will pray for this ministry on a regular basis, thanks.

      Sincerely In Christ,
      David Hinton
      401 Fairview Ave.
      Turtle Creek, Pa. 15145
      Phone 412-823-8382
      Email: dh@saintly.com