Dear Friend,

The main purpose of this ministry is to tell people the way to Heaven. Good works will not give you salvation. You must trust Jesus Christ "alone" as Savior. Jesus said in John 14:6 "1 am the WAY, the TRUTH, and the LIFE. No man cometh unto the Father, but by ME." He is the "only" way to Heaven. You should sincerely pray: Jesus, save me from my sins, I trust you "alone" as my Savior so when I die I will go to Heaven, in Jesus name, Amen. Call or write me if you prayed or for more information.

The Lord has really blessed this ministry. I have written a book called TAKE THE GOSPEL TO EVERY HOME. It describes the many past and present outreaches. The book also gives the results etc. It is over 100 pages. There is also a "condensed" version that describes this ministry without the results. Call or write if you want these books. The following is a description of some past and current outreaches. Please note that some of the numbers are higher now. Contact this ministry for the latest numbers and for which outreaches are current. Call 412-823-8382 or write 401 Fairview Ave., Turtle Creek, Pa. 15145. Email, thanks.

TO GOD BE THE GLORY              

Sincerely In Christ,

Evangelist David Hinton




The main purpose of this ministry is to reach lost people and to tell them to trust Jesus Christ "alone" for salvation. This is accomplished through many outreaches which reach lost people where they are located. I praise the Lord for good Bible believing churches which are also doing this. I like the article below because it agrees with this ministry.

David Hinton

"Self Proclaimed" or "God Called" ?

The purpose of this ministry is to exalt Jesus Christ, not myself. The newsletters etc. explain this ministry so I can request financial support. However, you should also know about me in order to make a decision about helping. You should make sure that I am not a "self proclaimed" evangelist but a "God called" evangelist. Eph. 4:11 says "And He gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers". The following is what a Bible commentary says:

The officers which Christ gave to his church were of two sorts-extraordinary ones advanced to a higher office in the church: such were apostles, prophets, and evangelists. The apostles were chief. These Christ immediately called, furnished them with extraordinary gifts and the power of working miracles, and with infallibility in delivering his truth ; and., they having been the witnesses of his miracles and doctrine, he sent them forth to spread the gospel and to plant and govern churches. The prophets seem to have been such as expounded the writings of the Old Testament, and foretold things to come. The evangelists were ordained persons (2 Tim. i. 6) whom the apostles took for their companions in travel (Gal. ii. 1), and sent them out to settle and establish such churches as the apostles themselves had planted (Acts xix. 22), and, not being fixed to any particular place, they were to continue till recalled, 2 Tim. iv. 9. And then there are ordinary ministers; employed in a lower and narrower sphere; as pastors and teachers. Some take these two names to signify one office, implying the duties of ruling and teaching belonging to it. Others think they design two distinct offices, both ordinary, and of standing use in the church;

We should praise the Lord for good Bible preaching pastors and teachers. We also see that apostles, prophets and evangelists are an extraordinary high office in the church. The apostles and prophets no longer exist. However, evangelists are still active in the church. Therefore, I or any other evangelist must make sure he is "called" to this high office and not "self proclaimed". I am sure that the Lord called me. The following is a letter that I wrote years ago:


David Hinton


Dear Friend,

A person should not be in the ministry for a profession, money or to be noticed by others. He should be in the ministry because of a "special calling". This is what happened to me. I had a very good job with Westinghouse. The pay was good and I enjoyed the work. I was determined to make this my permanent career. However, the Lord had other plans. I was offered another job and they wanted a decision. I felt that the Lord wanted me to visit a seminary before my decision. I visited and decided not to attend. One day I was in my house praying for a decision about my new job. I prayed "Lord, I need a decision right now. Please tell me what I should do." At that moment, my telephone rang and I answered it. A friend told me that the Lord told him to call and tell me to go to seminary. I was amazed and knew that the Lord really "called" me to seminary.

After I arrived, I met a person named Art Hage. We wanted to start a ministry and heard about a 15 minute opening on a local TV station. We prayed about it and decided to take the program. However, we didn't know who would do this. We decided that both of us would try to raise the money and whoever succeeded would do the program. I knew the janitor and he let me in the mailroom at night. I put a newsletter and envelope in every students mailbox asking for contributions to support the program. The students responded and I started the ministry.

It is good to remember how the Lord called me to seminary and this ministry. This encourages me when things get difficult because of attacks from Satan, etc.

Some people are in the ministry for other reasons but were never called. You should make sure that the people you support were called to the ministry. You can see that the Lord called me. I praise Him and give Him all of the glory. I pray that the Lord will use you to help support this ministry because of my special "calling".

Thank you, In Christ, David Hinton


SPECIAL NOTICE - A very large goal has been met. The total of all the outreaches has gone over 1 Billion (1000 X 1 Million) as of October 1999. It has also increased over 3 million per month since then. This is an average of over 100,000 per day. It is impossible to determine how many people have been reached but we can be sure that the number is very large. The following explains some of the outreaches.





This ministry had an outreach where people were reached over the computer Internet. A salvation message was put in chat rooms. Sometimes over 40 people were reached at one time.

Warning - some of the chat rooms have bad language etc. Therefore, it is necessary to make sure that we are not influenced by this. Only stay in the room a short time unless somebody is interested in salvation. We are to be in the world but not compromise with false beliefs and sins.

 This web site has over 70,000 hits.



Many people have been reached many times through TV programs, TV spots and sermonetts. The following are most of the TV programs where spots have been televised before, during or after the programs. Please note that not all of the programs are listed. A few spots might have been preempted.

Mike Douglas Show, Beverly Hillbillies, Morning Movie, World League Football, Petticoat Junction, Eyewitness News, Wide World Entertainment, Sunday School Program, Between Religious programs, Before A.M. News, After Old Time Gospel Hour, KDKA-TV "Speak Out Messages", WTAE-TV "People Speak", Gomer Pyle, Untouchables, Daniel Boone, Hogan Heros, Alfred Hitchcock, Championship Wrestling, Let's Make a Deal, Bob Newhart, CBS News, The Waltons, Good Morning America, Charlie's Angels, Soap Operas, Between other programs, Hawaii Five-0, Emergency One, Tomorrow Show, The Brady Bunch, Game Shows, Star Trek, Today Program (many times), Various Prog. 9 - 11 A.M., NBC Rotation 10 A.M. - 4 P.M., Prime Time Spots, CNN News, Sally Raphael, Geraldo, Rush Limbaugh and Current Affair (Past Programs).

TV Spots with "The way to Heaven, Romans 10:13 Bible Verse and Phone Number" are shown on the screen and said aloud during present programs.




BILLBOARDS – With the prayer of salvation or John 14:6 or Romans 10:13 – over 90 Million times cars have passed the billboards.

There are additional billboards now. Contact this ministry for the updated list of past and present billboards.




AMAZING GRACE MAKES AMAZING NUMBERS - Ads have been put in newspapers. This would be over 1500 miles high if the papers would be stacked on top of each other. The length would be over 288,000 miles if the newspapers would be put side by side, which would be 67,000 miles past the moon when it is closest to the earth. These newspapers would cost about 1 billion dollars ($1.50 sunday paper, and 50 cents daily paper.) They would weigh over 400,000 tons.



I attend, support and preach in good Bible believing churches. I don't compromise with liberal churches or the modern day ecumenical movement for financial support. I believe that Bible doctrine is very important. 2nd Timothy 3:16 says "All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness." Because of this I can not help or ask liberal churches and others who compromise doctrine for financial support.

The Bible also indicates that we are to worship in Spirit and Truth. Both are necessary to please the Lord, We can't have one without the other.

Therefore, I am limited to what churches and individuals who can be approached for financial support. This is why I need your help if you agree with the above.


David Hinton

This Ministry Can Help Your Church!



There are many organizations that claim to be "Christian". A Biblical organization and evangelist must not compromise sound doctrine and they must be local church oriented. The purpose of this ministry is to accomplish both. The CHURCH GRAPH is used to motivate people to set goals in order to reach others.

Contact this ministry if you want help setting goals in your church to reach many people for Jesus Christ.


These have been distributed telling about me preaching and giving the plan of salvation. This can also be done in your church.


(Preached over 600 messages for almost 5 years while also doing this ministry)





*HYMN .............................................................................................356

HYMN .............................................................................................436

*RESPONSIVE READING ....................................... Matthew 7:24-29




*HYMN ............................................................................................. 271

MESSAGE Pastor David Hinton

*HYMN ............................................................................................. 384



*Indicates congregation standing.





This ministry has another outreach where a true salvation ad is put in a false religious newspaper. The newspaper has prayers to Saint Jude, Mary and others. However, the Bible indicates that we must only pray to God the Father and Jesus Christ. Please pray that the true salvation prayer to Jesus will save the people who are deceived by praying to others. Please send a designated contribution to support this outreach. Thanks.




Many articles relating the news to the Bible have been put in community newspapers.




This ministry has another outreach where ads are put in classified papers where people sell items, etc. The papers have information columns.




This ministry has salvation writing paper, salvation envelopes, salvation labels, salvation checks and tracts. Contact this ministry for samples of each.




This ministry has a newsletter that is mailed to people on this mailing list. Contact us if you want to receive the newsletter.





Over 10 years ago a pastor friend of mine, Art Hage, gave me a used telephone computer. I have used it ever since. Over 140,000 calls giving a salvation message have been made. I recently called the company and asked them for the price of a new telephone computer. They told me $6000. Therefore, I decided not to buy one. A man from the company called me later and told me that there was a church in Kentucky with a new computer. He said they decided not to use it and that I should call them. I called the church and they said they would contribute the computer to this ministry. The computer automatically dials the telephone numbers in a designated exchange. When somebody answers, the computer gives a salvation message and asks them to reply at the end. If there is a busy signal or nobody answers, the computer calls again at a later time.




I started a telephone outreach by dialing numbers from the phone book. I dialed over 57,925 numbers and played a recorded salvation message. I did this by hand before I received a telephone computer. I also dialed about 2,000 additional numbers and played the recorded salvation message at Midway, Pa. by hand not using the telephone computer. However, I have made over 159,000 additional calls using the telephone computer, which dials the numbers automatically. I also played the salvation message over 84,000 times on a CB radio in my automobile.



Dear Friend:

The telephone is a good way to reach people without leaving your home. You can call your friends or people you don't know. Introduce yourself and tell them that you are taking a religious survey. Indicate that you are not selling anything and you are not asking for contributions. Tell them that you would like to ask the following questions.

  1. What is your name? (If you don't know this.)
  2. What is your occupation?
  3. Are you a member of any religious group or church?
  4. Would you care to give the name of the group or church?
  5. At present, how often do you attend services?
  6. Do you feel the need for a more personal faith
  7. If you died right now, would you go to Heaven? After they answer, tell them the following: "The only way to Heaven is by trusting Jesus Christ as Savior from the penalty for our sins. He shed His blood on the cross for sins, He was buried, and He rose from the dead. Your good works, church membership, water baptism, or communion will not get you to Heaven. These are good in some cases, but they will not give you salvation. The Bible says the following in Ephesians 2:8&9: "For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God, not of works, lest any man should boast." You must have faith in Jesus Christ by trusting Him alone as Savior from the penalty for your sins. Then you should tell Him by sincerely praying the following prayer: LORD, I CONFESS THAT I HAVE SINNED, I BELIEVE THAT YOU DIED FOR MY SINS AND I TRUST YOU ALONE AS MY SAVIOR. PLEASE SAVE ME NOW FROM THE PENALTY FOR MY SINS. I PRAY THIS IN JESUS’ NAME. AMEN. Do you want to trust the Lord right now as your Savior from the penalty for your sins? (if yes) Please sincerely pray this to the Lord. I will tell you what to pray and you sincerely pray it to Christ." (Pray the above prayer with them and make sure they sincerely pray it to the Lord).
  8. Would you like to be recommended to a good Bible-believing church?
  9. Would you like to receive a free monthly newsletter relating the news to the Bible?

Please give me the names, addresses and telephone numbers of the people who prayed, who would like to be recommended to a good church or who would like to receive the free newsletter. Thank you.

Sincerely In Christ,

Evangelist David Hinton


Papers with Bible messages have been distributed.




The salvation prayer across from coupons in magazines was mailed to many homes.




Signs with a salvation message have been put in buses.




A salvation message with room to reply was mailed to many homes. This was called "operation saturation"

(As indicated some of these numbers are larger now. Contact this ministry for the latest numbers and for which outreaches are current. Also check to see if there are new outreaches not given here.)



Dear Brother Hinton: TO GOD BE THE GLORY

Greetings in Jesus' Dear Name. Thank you so much for sending to me that fine material telling about the exciting work you are doing for Christ. I am amazed at what is being accomplished.

May the Dear Lord Jesus continue to keep you, and bless you, and use you in His service.

Your friend, brother, and fellow servant, In Christ, Dr. R. L. H.



Dear Friend,

I really enjoy your newsletters - it is one of the best. The way you present God's Word makes it even more positive! Each of my three prisoner friends require a different approach when I speak of the Gospel. I am sending my copy no. 150 to one -------. I would like two more copies, one for me and one for prisoner no. 3 who is rebelling.

In Christ, M.S.



Dear Brother Hinton.,

I read the newsletter and enjoy it very much. Please continue to send them. I saw one on the bus the other day while going to work - - - - - - - Your ministry is special to me. You get the Word out through so many different channels. I pray that God will continue to prosper you. Enclosed find my offering.

Your brother in Christ, Bob S.




Dear Mr. Hinton, (He says "lucky", but God really planned this.)

I found a copy of your newsletter on the ground in the parking lot of Great Southern Shopping Center. It looks like a lucky find in that the newsletter is very interesting and informative. It explains what the Scriptures say and this is what I need since I find the Bible hard to understand.

There is a prayer on the front page and I studied and said it. I believe that Jesus died for my sins and rose from the dead, I accept Him as my Savior.

I would like to receive a copy of your newsletter every month.

TO GOD BE THE GLORY                                      Sincerely Yours, J. P.



Dear friend in Christ,

I've been enjoying your wonderful newsletters and always felt & wished I could send a love gift in appreciation -- I finally have a little extra to offer. Use it where you see fit.

The newsletters keep getting better all the time!! The one I received today, Vol. 8 - no. 11 - would you have a few extras so I can send them to my prisoner friends? - - - - Thank you & God bless your wonderful efforts.

In Christ, M.S.



Dear Sir,

My husband and I have been reading your newsletters for the past year now and really enjoy them. It gives me a lift through the day when they arrive. Please send me 100 tracts, I will distribute them and the booklets - - - -.

God bless you, C.F.



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