Dear Friend,

The main purpose of this ministry is to tell people the way to Heaven. Good works will not give you salvation. You must trust Jesus Christ "alone" as Savior. Jesus said in John 14:6 "1 am the WAY, the TRUTH, and the LIFE. No man cometh unto the Father, but by ME." He is the "only" way to Heaven. You should sincerely pray: Jesus, save me from my sins, I trust you "alone" as my Savior so when I die I will go to Heaven, in Jesus name, Amen. Call or write me if you prayed or for more information.

The Lord has really blessed this ministry. I have written a book called TAKE THE GOSPEL TO EVERY HOME. It describes the many past and present outreaches. The book also gives the results etc. It is over 100 pages. There is also a "condensed" version that describes this ministry without the results. Call or write if you want these books. The following are "some" of the results. Please read them and let me know if you want more results etc. Call 412-823-8382 or write me at 401 Fairview Ave., Turtle Creek, Pa. 15145., Thanks.

Sincerely In Christ,

Evangelist Dave Hinton





Dear David,

I felt that I must write you this letter of appreciation. For a long time I had been very confused and unhappy. I had been through some bad experiences and I just couldn't cope. I was at the point where I wasn't sleeping, had little energy and I really wanted to hide from the world. I was in a terrible state of mind. No matter what I did or tried to do it always ended in disaster. The problem was that I was trying to solve everything myself, and I was getting nowhere.

I decided to pray to God and ask for his guidance. I took an inventory of myself and decided what had to change in my life. I was 35 lbs. overweight and was very unhappy with my appearance. I immediately joined a weight control group and by asking God for strength I followed the program and started to lose. I found myself praying to God more and more. I decided to take God as my partner in everything I did. My life was starting to become smoother. With the weight loss I bought new clothes, changed my hairstyle and became more outgoing. Still, there was something missing. I had prayed to God to help me change my outward appearance, but now I wanted Him to change my inner self. I had always believed in God and gone to church, but was that enough? Did I really know Him? Was I living the way He wanted me to live? I started praying to God for spiritual awareness.

That's when I met you, David. You were, the answer to my prayer. No doubt about it! We started to discuss your ministry and why it meant so much to you. You asked me if I had been "born again"? I had heard that phrase "born again" before. But I had never thought about it. You explained to me that I could receive Jesus as my personal Savior because God sent His Son into the world that all might have eternal life. The only way for me to get to Heaven was to confess that I have sinned, trust in Him and realize that because Jesus died for my sins I could have eternal life. This is what would have to happen if I wanted to be born again. You further explained that everyone is born in sin, and the only way to be forgiven that sin is to trust Christ as Savior. We started to pray together, I repeated your prayer after you, and I was "born again". I now have a calm assurance that I did not have before. It's great to know that Jesus now lives inside of me. I realize that I need to become better acquainted with Jesus. The booklets you gave me, David, are a great help. I also intend to read the Bible and attend a Bible-preaching Church.

David, my life is so different now. I see beauty and the word impossible doesnít exist for me anymore. I'm happy, peaceful, relaxed, totally in love with life. When I think of the years that I spent struggling and going in circles, what a tragedy. If only I had committed myself to Jesus. Yes, I've truly been born again. I feel that a fire has been started inside of me that will never go out. Yes, David, thank you. I pray God will bless you and your ministry. I know you will do for others what you have done for me. Thank you for leading me to Christ.

Ann Marie




Dear Dave:

This is a letter of thanks for showing me the "key" to my new-found life, Jesus Christ. Handing me a copy of your newsletter a few weeks ago began to make me think about my life. "If my good works weren't going to get me to Heaven, what was?" is the question that I couldn't get out of my mind at the time. Believing in the Bible, I began to relate that good works were good for what they were; but, like Romans 10:13 says you have to call upon the name of the Lord to be SAVED. Now the good works have meaning in their proper perspective (good works for Christ).

I really appreciate you taking the time personally to meet me at church on June 8. The decision I made to pray to ask Christ into my heart at that time was the most important decision I will ever make. I felt so cleansed that there are no words to describe it until you DO IT.

I am continuing to attend one of the good Bible-Believing Churches you recommended to me. A few pastors contacted me, and a whole new world opened up for me in finding fellowship with the church of my choice along with my fellow Christian friends.

I was baptized two weeks after I was saved; and on August 22nd, I formally dedicated my life to Christ. I thought my eyes were opened when I was saved, but doing this opened them even more.

All of my problems, doubts, and inhibitions of the past sins I had committed were fully covered under the blood of Christ; and I have received the wisdom of the Holy Spirit to turn away from these sins and a desire to live a Godly life here on earth.

I am studying the Word by reading the Bible, reading the booklets and pamphlets you sent me, and going through a Bible Study course that you recommended. The more knowledge I get, the more I want. Also, I attend church Sundays and Wednesdays and whenever they have special speakers. Distributing your newsletters and tracts gives me the opportunity for others to possibly be saved. I am currently involved in helping the Youth Pastor at my church with some activity planning, and I headed a committee for Neighborhood Bible Time this year for the young children through high school. It was really a rewarding experience.

I know I still sin. It is reassuring to know that Christ is there to confess to, and that he is always full of grace to pardon and cleanse. I have been convicted of sins and habits in my lifestyle such as listening to rock and roll music, which the Lord knows are not good for my Christian growth.

My life in the Lord is just opening up, and I look forward to Heaven and Eternity, now that I am sure I will be there.

If there is anything I can do to further your ministry, please let me know.

Thanks again, ever-so-much. Also, I brought a friend to church a few days ago, and she was saved. She will be in contact with you shortly.

(Marsha S. went to Bible College.)

Marsha S.


One Saturday a person called me from his cell phone after he saw one of the billboards from this ministry. He said that he did some very bad things and wondered if God could forgive him. I said that he could be forgiven if he would trust Jesus "alone" for salvation. He told me that he had to get off the phone because he was driving a stolen car and the police wanted him to stop. I heard the siren and he turned off the phone.

God will forgive any sin if the person will trust Jesus for salvation. Below is a "great" letter from a lady who was reached through this ministry. She realized that she could be forgiven and the Lord changed her life.

Sincerely In Christ,

Evangelist Dave Hinton

Dear Dave,

I want to thank you for the support you gave me in being present on 2/28/99 to hear my testimony. Dave, when I think about all the Lord has done in my life it astounds me. I look back and reflect on the extensive Grace & Mercy He has so graciously poured out and it brings me to tears of thanksgiving. I praise God that regardless of how low I sank into sin - His hand was still being extended.

I am so grateful that in 1975 at South Hills Village you handed my friend Lynn a newsletter and had conversation with her about Jesus. I remember her calling and telling me she met a man at the South Hills Village, his name was David Hinton and he preached to her about Jesus and said he could take her to a Bible preaching church. I clearly remember thinking to myself - CHURCH??? - Lynn was definitely interested in going and honestly, I just tagged along because she ask me. Well Dave, as you know, Lynn and I both prayed to receive Jesus Christ as our Savior and Lord shortly after the service ended. Dave, It truly amazes me how God has every detail in control. He knew I would pray to receive Jesus that night and He also knew how I would spend many years following living as a prodical but PRAISE THE LORD HE SAVED ME anyway. He knew that I would spend 10 years of my life living as a lesbian - going from being involved with a married woman to eventually getting "married" to a woman. My life was certainly polluted -saturated with alcohol, drugs and inappropriate relations. I praise God for drawing my heart to His word in 1990, I praise Him with thanksgiving for pressing me to read His glorious word, NEVER forgetting the day when I felt a physical blow to my chest - I literally felt God's Holy Spirit hit my chest, breaking through the spiritual wall I had around my heart - God's Spirit clearly said within me "YOU ARE NOT LIVING ACCORDING TO MY WILL FOR YOUR LIFE" Boy, I will never forget that intensity - scared me terribly - Three times it happened before I would acknowledge that it was not just some fluky thing - but indeed - THE LORD. The blow I felt happened only once, it was the message the Spirit repeated to me three different times - each occurring only while reading God's word. Praise God I knew Jesus as Savior and my spirit knew this was God and I needed to REPENT and walk with Him. Well, as you recall me saying Dave, I needed to ask God to increase my love for Him. Praise God- He did. I began to realize that it was because he loved me (even in my sin) that He made me aware of the error of my ways. The Lord truly led me out of that lifestyle and healed my many, many wounds - most of which led me down that road in the first place. I have witnessed in my own life how the Lord will part the deep waters; make a way out of no way; move mountains; go before you and prepare the way; and guide your steps perfectly.

I find it exciting Dave that God saw fit to cross our paths again. I was ASTOUNDED when I saw you come to visit our church about a year ago or so - It since has been a pleasure hearing you preach as well. I know our Pastor is pleased to know you can fill in for him from time to time when necessary. I know that from 1975 to seeing me again in 1998 as a happily married woman, you never gave thought to where the Lord brought me from. I know the testimony you heard me share was intense and to be honest with you Dave, there's more. I can truly say that I have been delivered from many, many things. I believe that as I continue to grow in the Lord He will open doors for me to share what He has done in my life and my prayer is that my life be used to encourage others. I am so honored and blessed to have the Lord allow me to participate in sponsoring some of the salvation prayer billboards. Dave, with all my heart and soul I desire to see people come to the Lord - I am so grateful that He has blessed you with this ministry - I know many are reached for the Lords kingdom.

I see Ezekiel 11: 19-20 as being so applicable as to what the Lord has done in me. He has taken the stony heart out of my flesh and has given me a heart of flesh that I may walk in His statutes, keep His ordinances and do them He is my God and I am His.

Thank you again Dave for your support and encouragement.

God Bless You - M. W.


Dear David,

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you have done for Mary and me. You have led me to the Lord and showed me the way to salvation; rather, the Lord worked through you to do this. It's hard to believe that it all started through a newsletter -- that's a miracle in itself, that a person could be led to eternal life through a piece of paper, but the Holy Spirit of God can do great things, as I have learned.

I know that the Lord led me to meet you; I had been praying for a long time for God to lead me to the truth. I was going to different types of churches and buying books on various religions but not getting any real satisfaction. Somehow, I knew I wasn't seeing the light; and I knew He was the only one who could lead me to the truth, through someone or something.

I thank you and praise the Lord that you approached me with one of your newsletters as I was shopping at South Hills Village. Thank you for taking me to some good fundamental Bible-Believing Churches and helping me to find a church home and meet some good born-again Christians. They've been so helpful and caring also. Thank you, also, for recommending some good Bible Study programs on the radio. They have really helped me to grow in the faith, and I know this is only the beginning.

Dave, best of luck to you. Keep up the good work. I'll be praying for you and your ministry. Love and peace through Christ.

Lynn C.


Dear David,

We would like to send our many thanks and appreciation for your warm visit to our church and for your time and dedication that you put into your services each night.

We truly enjoyed your fellowship and received great inspiration from your series of services. We will continue to pray for your ministry work and will do our best in achieving our goals that we have set with the Lord's help and guidance.

We truly hope and we'll pray that you will be able to return again to our church. We will also keep in touch with you. Many, many thanks.

In Christian Love,

M. P.



Dear David,

I've been receiving your newsletter for a while now & it is truly a blessing. When I am finished with it, I pass it on to the two most precious & loving people I know - my parents. It is packed with so many clever and interesting ways to getting across the good news that salvation is a free gift, right from God, just waiting to be unwrapped & accepted. I'm sure all the Scripture within its pages has been instrumental in speaking to my mom & dad and touching & filling their hearts with even more truth about Christ's love besides what they already knew.

One of my sons & I have also had the opportunity to hear you preach. (WOW!) Your enthusiasm for the Lord & your determination to preach the Gospel to everyone is evident from the first to the last words that you speak. We could listen to you for hours! You are also a very nice person and I pray that God will keep up your good health, give you time to continue your work and shower you with all the blessings you deserve.

E. C.


P.S. Thank you also for the many times you have prayed for my health problems. I truly appreciate it more than you know.


Dear David,

It was a great pleasure to meet personally the man behind the telephone and billboard ministries - - - - - - -.

I also firmly believe that today we are living in the end time and more than ever evangelism is so extremely important. Seeing your billboards has always been a wonderful reminder of this to me and I pray that they will prompt believers to pray for the motorists driving by & that they will be drawn to our Lord, Jesus Christ.

I will continue to pray for your work to have a great impact for the Lord and be a blessing to many.

B. E.


Evangelist Hinton,

I do read your newsletter sometimes twice along with my Bible. I find the newsletter informative and enjoy it, this small donation I am sending I am hoping will help.

Respectfully, Doreen H.


Dear Dave,

I am reading the newsletters. I think they are great. I feel this ministry is good. I wish for its continued success. I'll give when possible. God bless you.

Rich F.


Dear David Hinton,

I enjoy all of your newsletters, they have been a blessing to me, you've been an inspiration to me. I thank Jesus for you always and pray that He bless you and keep you forever.

Christopher W.


Dear Dave,

What a wonderful idea for a bus ministry. Enclosed $20.00 for same. Your two new outreaches are in my prayers, as your ministries have been and continue to be.

I thank God for you, and your ministry.

Love in Christ, Mrs. M.S.


Dear Dave,

Hello, itís a great day to praise the Lord. I want to thank you for sending your newsletter. Itís great.

The Sunday afternoon that you shared your telephone message with me really took me by surprise. That is a great outreach. First I must tell you I am a waitress and I work long hours on Saturday nights. Sunday morning my husband, Barry and I got the children ready and we were off to Sunday school and church. We came home, ate dinner and by this time I was very tired. So I told Barry I was going upstairs to relax before Sunday evening service with all intentions of reading the Word. Needless to say I fell asleep while praying. I must have been in a deep sleep because the phone really startled me and when I answered it a voice, which I never heard before, said, "you must receive Jesus as your Savior". My very thoughts were "oh my, God is on the phone". It took me a few seconds to get back to reality. That evening I shared this story at church; every one had a great laugh.

Thank you again for the newsletter and the other Information. Hope to hear from you again.

In Christ, Romana G.

PS. Please continue the paper and I would like to receive the items checked on the enclosed paper.


Dear David:

Thank you for speaking and for the encouragement during our time without a pastor.

Grace Baptist Church


I praise the Lord for the billboards that you are working on.

Mary S.


Thanks for the prayer cards. Have shared some with others. I am happy that you are doing well in the ministry and I pray for you always.



Dear David:

Please know that I regard your ministry as very important and vital, and pleasing to our Lord! - - -May our Lord continue to bless and keep this ministry to His honor and glory!

Lois R.



We would love to support a billboard for $110. Please use other $90 for other ministry needs. What a great idea billboards is. May our Lord richly bless you and the signs.



Enclosed is $22 toward two-bus ministry, $11 each. The Lord laid it on my heart to send it as I was praying of whom to give to His work.

Lillian C.


Dear Brother Dave:

Thank you for the literature every month. You can be sure I read it and I have learned from it & pass it on.

I will continue to pray for you and appreciate the ministry the Lord has given you.

Love in Jesus, A. B.


Dear Pastor:

I appreciate all of the advice you are sending my way and I understand it all - - - - - -. I've already committed myself to your ministry because I know that you are sincere.

In Christs' Love, M.S.


Dear David:

We thank you for this paper and we pray for you and your ministry. We surely appreciated you when I was layed up.

Sincerely In Christ, Bob



Dear David,

Jesus save me from my sins. I trust you alone as my Savior. This billboard led me on my way to my salvation. - - -The inspirational message tugged on my heartstrings that were still attached to our Lord Jesus Christ. I was in the mist of the most troubled times of my life after 6 major operations & depression. I now know this is a lesson that I must go through to come closer to God and His beloved Son. God bless you for the billboard, it has given me much strength and hopefulness because all things are possible through Jesus Christ, our Lord.

Thank you again, Janet S.


Dear Dave,

I thank you for the beautiful recorded message of God I received at a time when I need it so much. As you know I am going in for surgery 3-23-98 and not having my husband and older son hurts. - - - I consider your message a sign from God. There is a beautiful world awaiting us all. Thank you again sir & God bless you.

Sincerely Doris K.


Dear David Hinton,

I assume that you are the one who called me the other night. - - - - Your wonderful message of plain and simple truth.

When I received your literature in the mail, I was even more impressed with your billboards. - - - I've never heard of anyone doing anything like that before, and what a wonderful idea I thought it was.

I was just so impressed with the idea, and how it was obvious and wonderful that you are trying to reach as many people as possible with the simple truth of salvation, and that you were not out to "plug" your church.

May God bless your work for Him - it's obvious that you are more interested in others salvation than you are with trying to bring attention to yourselves.

It just seems so clear that you are genuinely concerned with building His church than you are with increasing your church.

With Jesus' love, Debra L.

P.S. Your envelopes are wonderful, too!


Dear David,

Here is the money for the Rt. 30 billboard. Please use whatever is extra for your expenses.

God bless you. My Heart is so happy knowing God has allowed me the privilege of taking part in getting His truth out among multitudes of people.

Mrs. W.


Dear Dave:

I seem to have lost your envelope and I wanted to let you know that we still pray for you and your work. We read the literature that you send and enjoy it. Hope that you are doing well and your work is doing well. Come out when you can. You are always welcome at our place. You can use this check however you like.



Brother Dave,

I cannot believe all that has happened since seminary days. I appreciate receiving your newsletter & it blesses my heart to see God using you in such a great way. May God continue to bless you richly.

In Christ, Pastor B.


Dear Dave,

I love the monthly letter and save the Scripture part to send to missionaries who send them to converts in Asia that they taught for many years before retiring.

I pray regularly for your ministry and I wish I could give more - - - - -

Love in Christ, Evelyn



Hi, I hope everything is well with you and your ministry. I am doing O.K. working - working and working!

Thank you so much for the newsletters. They really mean a lot to me and help me in my day-to-day life.

Take care of yourself and I'll keep you in my prayers. God bless you & your ministry.




Our support for June. Hope all is well & God continues in His abundant blessings of grace and supply to you. Stop by again soon. The invite is always open for you at your convenience.



Dear David,

I am glad to hear of all the good you are doing. I would like to support you more but I have many commitments. - -

I have fond memories of your mother & our working days at the hospital.

Leslie Y.


Dear friend in Christ,

We have been away - - - - - - Thanks for your newsletters. We try to pass them on to other folks. God bless you as you serve the Lord.

In Christ, Mrs. L.


Dear David,

I continue to pray for you and so glad for your ministry is doing great. At 88 my ministry has to be prayer - - - - - - -. We truly have a great Heavenly Father and precious Son Jesus.

I never forget to thank and praise them for the gift of salvation for me at 46, Roy at 52 and my mother at 70. I am still reading through the Bible each year. It is a real blessing. Take care.

Love, Evelyn


Dear Dave,

It's been quite a while since I heard your phone message but I just want you to know it still makes me smile!

It's so nice to hear a voice praising Jesus & doing Gods work! I hope & pray that you can reach many people who need Gods guidance.

I reference the Bible as a tool: an alcoholic who goes through rehab is given "tools" to stay "dry". The Bible is the same you're given a tool to keep on the path of Jesus - sometimes you stray - but you can always use your "tool or Bible" to get back on track for Jesus. God bless you!

Heidi K.


Dear Brother Hinton,

Sorry I haven't written or sent a gift lately, but I have a few problems this summer that the Lord took care of.

Glad to learn the ministry is flourishing. I keep you in my prayers.

Angie B.


To whom it may concern,

I would like to have the Special Edition sent to my daughter. She is in the Navy. She leaves to go to sea on the 15th of Sept. and if it is possible can you send her some: put her on the mailing list. Thank you very much.

(her name and address) Donna M.



Hope all is well. I was so happy to see the sign on Noblestown road area & then Praise the Lord on Steuben. I feel a part of it all. I will be able to send more now. I pray it will continue to be so. Jesus is coming soon. Time is short. God bless you Dave. I am so happy that in my back yard are 2 signs. I feel so excited knowing Jesus will soon return. Lord bless you.

A friend in Christ, Mrs. Jean G.




I saw one of your signs in the strip district. It is a good location and visibility.

Mr. K. F.



Wanted to thank you for your presentation at our home mission conference.

Bethany Baptist Church


Dear David:

- - - - - The road signs are a great idea. Believe in the signs, so here is a small donation to keep you with them.




Enclosed you will find two checks. One for regular monthly offering and one for $40 for help toward another billboard.

Mr. & Mrs. K.


Thanks for putting me back on your mailing list. Those newsletters mean so much to me. I still wish I could have heard one of your sermons. Take care of yourself and keep up with the ministry.

God bless your ministry always, Judy


Blessings & Joy:

Love your newsletter. Keep up the good work. Preach the Word David. Will help more - - - - -.

All Grace, Brother Frank G.


Hello Dave,

I'm so excited about the strip district billboard. Boy, is that the Lord or what?! What a Miracle -- - - - - - Thanks again for this glorious opportunity. I'm glad the Lord saw fit to cross our paths again. I still want to sit down and share my testimony with you. I'm waiting on the Lord to open the door when the time is right. God bless you richly.

M. W.



Praise God for all He is doing. Guess what? The East Ohio street billboard is still up - Praise God. God bless you richly.

M. W.


God bless you David in your faithful ministry for our wonderful Lord.

J. C.

Titus 2:13



Dear Dave,

Hope this note finds you well. I'm so glad I can support regularly & more than I could before. I will continue to do so as God provides. I'll do my best to keep you in prayer let me know if there are any special needs - - - - - - - - Keep working for Jesus. Lord bless you.

J. G.



I was greatly encouraged by the billboard placed at Penn & 38th St. in Lawrenceville up from the strip district and before Garfield section of East Liberty.

I was waiting on a bus and was greatly encouraged by the exposure this gives our city, it is great evangelizing, it is beautiful and effective. God bless.

K. A.


Below is a great letter from a man who saw the salvation billboard, he called me and prayed to receive the Lord. Other good letters are also given. Please write and let me know how you have been helped or give your impression as to what is being accomplished. Thanks.

Dear Dave,

I have not been at Turtle Creek for years. I work for the U.S. postal service on the north side general mail facility. One of our postal drivers fell hitting the back of his head. He was told by his doctor not to drive for two weeks. My supervisor told me to pick him up in Turtle Creek for 2 weeks. There are a few ways to get into Turtle Creek. One morning I drove down route 130. My eye was drawn to the sign THE WAY TO HEAVEN. As I went past I wrote the phone number down on paper. I have been going through battle for about 1 year. I needed to get back to God and receive Jesus - - - I remember calling the number and a recording told me you would get back to me. You called twice and I was not available. The devil started to confuse the number and I called again but the wrong number - - each day God would make me take route 130. This time I slowed down and read the sign: Jesus save me from my sins, I trust you alone as my savior, Amen. Since than Dave I have spent over 1 hour on the phone praying I thank God for Jesus and for using David.

Mr. T. G.



Dear Dave:

Thank you so much for sending us the paper. We read it. It is very good - - - - - - We pray for you and appreciate your fellowship. - - - - Come out when you can. We would love to have you. Hope you are well and doing well. Pray for us.

In Christ, Mr. & Mrs. W.


Dear Dave,

I am thankful that I can still continue to send to the billboard - - - - ministry. I feel it does and will make a difference. The one in the west end has been up for months. Thank God it's really needed there and everywhere. There was a shooting right near that billboard the night before Thanksgiving. Time is very short - people need to be ready. Instead of being so wasteful with money we all need to give more to the Lords work. We need to lay up treasures in Heaven. Please use this where it is most needed. May God richly bless you in His service.

Your friend in Jesus,

Mrs. J. G.



Dear Pastor:

Please allow me to introduce David Hinton, who previously attended Liberty Baptist Seminary (formerly Lynchburg Baptist Theological Seminary). We found David to be a responsible, dedicated young man, very desirous of serving the Lord in a greater capacity.

I am pleased to recommend David for any large or small opportunity of service.

Yours in Christ,

Jerry Falwell

Thomas Road Baptist Church

Dear Dave,

I just want to let you know how much I appreciated having you with us for a crusade. There were ten salvation decisions and many others for Bible reading, prayer, and witnessing for Christ. The messages were Scriptural and clear so that anyone could understand. I feel that you helped to give our church a greater vision for reaching the lost for Jesus Christ. Thank you for being with us.

Yours In Christ,

Robert L. Brim

Pastor Faith Baptist Church


We at Banksville Baptist Church had Evangelist David Hinton for a series of five meetings, during which he preached the Gospel to the unsaved and challenged Christians to greater service for Christ.

We had more people come forward in these meetings than at any other time in the recent history of the church.

I am glad to recommend him to any church desiring Evangelistic and Revival meetings.

In His Service,

Pastor Leo Burgard


To whom it may concern:

We had Evangelist David Hinton for a NEW LIFE FOR ALL CRUSADE and a CHURCH OUTREACH SEMINAR. He is a dynamic speaker and his messages were terrific. Many decisions were made as related to salvation, rededication, closer walk with the Lord, better witnesses and to help reach the world for Christ. David is a man of God who is interested only in getting the message of salvation to a lost and dying world. He uses methods and goals in order that there be no waste of God's resources in money or time. His vision is to reach a lost world now.

The CHURCH OUTREACH SEMINAR gave us new ways to reach people for the Lord. The messages during the crusade motivated us to witness for Jesus Christ using the methods taught in the seminar. David challenged us to set goals in the following areas: tract distribution, special flyers, telephone messages, salvation message envelopes, homes visited, and newsletters. We made a graph showing this and presented it to the congregation. We set our goals on the last night of the crusade.

Evangelist David Hinton will preach another crusade in our church next year and we will try to meet the goals before he comes. I highly recommend him to any church desiring a revival. He will present a plan to the church for reaching others and help set goals to accomplish this.

Pastor Grant Playter

Bible Baptist Church


To All Bible Preaching Pastors:

We greatly appreciated the 4-day crusade held in our church by Evangelist David Hinton. I was encouraged by the new burden for souls evidenced in the lives of quite a few of our church folk.

The Lord used his word through Brother Hinton to touch needy areas of a number of lives here. Since the crusade I have noticed an increased burden on the part of several families for their unsaved relatives and friends, and a greater willingness to go and share with them the Good News of the Gospel.

Serving Till Jesus Comes,

Pastor John W. Weyman

Faith Chapel


TO GOD BE THE GLORY - There are many more letters. Please contact this ministry for additional results, etc. Thanks, David Hinton, 401 Fairview Ave., Turtle Creak, Pa. 15145. Phone 412-823-8382. Email