The following are offered free if you promise to use them or read the books. If possible, send a contribution to cover the postage. However, this is not required.
  1. Newsletter - this explains what is currently happening with this ministry.
  2. 25 salvation envelopes - these are envelopes for mailing letters, etc. They have the salvation message on the outside.
  3. 25 salvation labels - these are labels with the plan of salvation. You can peel off the back and stick them to mirrors, packages, bulletin boards, etc.
  4. 25 tracts - these are called: Are you 100% sure you are going to Heaven? They have a salvation message, prayer, and my telephone number at the end.
  5. 25 sheets of writing paper - this is used for writing letters and the salvation message is given.
  6. Telephone message - You can call people and read a survey with a salvation message.
  7. Salvation check - a sample of a salvation message on a check. You can give it to your bank and they can print the message on your checks.
  8. Automobile rear window salvation sign - this is put on the inside of your rear window. It says THE WAY TO HEAVEN, ASK JESUS FOR SALVATION and my telephone number is given.
  9. Soul Winners Paradise - this booklet has many Bible verses and methods for giving the salvation message. It also tells how to reach people in different denominations. (61 pages)
  10. There will be peace on earth - this book describes the end times including the Rapture, Tribulation, and the Millennial Kingdom. (120 pages)
  11. Practical methods for Sunday School Teachers - this booklet describes how to have pictures, visual aids, drama, music, memory work and discussion. (64 pages)
  12. Bible correspondence course - this begins with the book of John and then you go to other studies depending on your age.
Please let me know which ones you want. As indicated, send a contribution to cover the postage but this is not required.

401 Fairview Avenue
Turtle Creek, PA 15145